On January 21st, 2011, one of the most important Messages to be heard by Humanity in thousands of years will be unleashed across the globe to billions of people It is a monumental event, an awakening of global proportions.
Every man, woman and child on Earth WANTS to hear it - NEEDS to hear it and so it will be told.  Every Faith will welcome it, every good organization, every good man of Science, Letters and the Arts NEEDS & WANTS to hear it.  And so its journey into the heart and soul of Mankind will begin.
Its impact in your life and the world around you will be instantaneous It is capable of moving faster than the fastest bullet and is more powerful than all the atomic bombs on Earth.  Yet it is more gentle, kind and loving than a morning breeze.
Lives, fortunes, one's happiness, health, and loving relations can be changed FOREVER now.  Your personal view of the Earth and of Humanity, its future and your place and well-being in it will be INSTANTLY  TRANSFORMED.

This is your Invitation to apply to be among the first individuals on Earth to see and hear "The Message."  Then decide if it is your place to do more than just bear witness to this monumental experience, but to BE ITS MESSENGER to 100's, 1000's and possibly even millions of people around the world.
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